Big Time Rush and Marvel Studios for Inspiration

Hi my name is Joseph Mandarino. I do a radio show once a week and it airs on Tuesday night. I like to play all kinds of music on my show and hope that everyone has a good time listening to my show. I play a lot of songs from bands, especially the band Big Time Rush. Big Time Rush was a band that lasted from 2008-2013, and released 3 albums: Big Time Rush, Elevate, and 24/Seven. My favorite album that is Big Time Rush. I like this album because it has all of their classic songs on there from when they first started the band. They also had a show on Nickelodeon for the time. I really like them as a band and hopefully everyone else does too.

Another version of music I like to play is some of the songs from projects of Marvel Studios. Often times I introduce a song with, “If you’re a fan of Marvel Studios…..” and whatever project the song comes from. Marvel Studios often has a great selection of songs that they put into their soundtracks. I’m a huge fan of Marvel Studios and I anticipate all of their releases.  The one that I’m next excited for is Marvel Studios Spider-Man No Way Home. Marvel Studios would also pick the soundtracks based on the story that they’re trying to tell. For example with Guardians Of The Galaxy, Peter Quill got taken from Earth in 1988 so he was only listening to songs from the 1980s and that’s the type of songs that we would hear on the soundtrack. They do this with a bunch of their movies and I really like most of these songs and how they sound. They sound really cool and hopefully everyone else finds them cool too!

Written by Joseph Mandarino

Hi my name is Joseph Mandarino. I will be hosting the shows that air on Tuesdays at 7pm and those shows are a mix of music from the genres of Pop, Metal, Rock n roll and a little bit of Country. I also really like watching Marvel movies and hanging out with friends too.

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