Five Weird Music Genres You Haven’t Heard About

Music has many different sounds to offer. Chances are, you haven’t heard of these weird, wild genres before. Here are five music genres to show your friends.

5: Wizard Rock

Do you love rocking out? Do you love the Harry Potter series? Look no further than Wizard Rock, or Wrock. Wizard Rock is a genre that emerged in the early 2000s, and is inspired by the Harry Potter series. It often incorporates lyrics that reference characters, settings, and events from the series. It incorporates elements of punk rock, indie rock, and folk music.

Some notable albums are “The Enchanted Ceiling” by Harry and the Potters, “Goodbye Privet Drive” by Ministry of Magic, and “Toilet Humor” by The Moaning Myrtles.

4: Drone Metal

Drone Metal is a subgenre of metal that incorporates long, sustained notes (often called drones) and repetitive rhythms. The sound is very dark, hypnotic, but can be both meditative and intense. The genre came about in the early 1990s, and is inspired by various genres, such as ambient and experimental music, as well as doom metal and sludge metal. Notable albums include “Earth 2” by Earth, “Black One” by sunn O))), and “Eternal Kingdom” by Cult of Luna.

3: Stenchcore

Stenchcore is a subgenre of punk rock and hardcore punk that emerged in the mid-1980s in the UK. It is characterized by its aggressive, raw sound and lyrics that often focus on social and political issues. “Stench” refers to the dirty sound of the music, which comes from distorted guitars and rough production techniques. Stenchcore bands often incorporate elements of other subgenres of punk rock and hardcore, such as crust punk, grindcore, and death metal, into their music. Some notable albums include “Rise Of The Serpent Men” by Axegrinder, “Arise !” by Amebix, and “Unrest” by disrupt.

2: Plunderphonics

Plunderphonics is a genre of music that involves sampling and editing of different audio clips and recordings to create new musical compositions. “Plunderphonics” is a term that was coined by Canadian composer John Oswald in the 1980s. Plunderphonics is a form of sound collage.  Plunderphonics artists use various techniques such as cutting and pasting, looping, pitch-shifting, and time-stretching. The resulting compositions can range from abstract soundscapes to more traditional musical forms, such as pop songs. Some albums include “Plexure” by John Oswald, “Escape From Noise” by Negativland, and “Feed the Animals” by Girl Talk.

1: Nintendocore

What are the two best things on Earth? If you said Nintendo games and metal music, you’re sure to love Nintendocore. Nintendocore is a subgenre of music that blends chiptune music and punk rock and heavy metal. The genre emerged in the early 2000s and is characterized by its usage of 8 bit and 16 bit video game sounds, along with distorted guitars, aggressive drumming and classic metal vocals. Some notable albums include “Desperate Living” by Horse The Band, “Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man” by Powerglove, and “The Secret Mirror” by Rainbowdragoneyes.

Music has much to explore, and these genres are just a few that you might be unfamiliar with. Some honorable mentions include Viking Metal, Brostep, Future Garage, Moog, and Highlife. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ve found a new genre to learn about, share, and listen to.  

Written by Jesus Robles


Hello, my name is Jesus. I am a computer science major, and I love listening to music. I play piano and guitar, and also play trombone in the jazz ensemble here at Harper. In my free time I like to play games like Rocket League and Overwatch, and I also make my own music occasionally. My show is called The Genre Sampler and I hope you’ll join me Wednesdays at 12pm to explore new music and learn a thing or two!

Quarterfinals of the Champions League

As the international break is coming to an end, we get one day closer to the
“definitely randomly drawn” quarterfinals of the Champions League. I say “definitely randomly drawn” because of what the matchups look like. I’ll start on the less eye- catching side of the bracket. The first matchup is between Portuguese Side Benfica and one of the three Serie A teams left Inter Milan, I have Benfica moving one due to their results in the 8 games they have played while Inter seemed to struggle. The winner of that series will go against the winner of the rivalry which includes the other two Serie A teams Napoli and AC Milan. I say this is the less eye-catching side of the bracket because the Serie A does not get much coverage from the U.S and the Portuguese league Benfica plays in gets no coverage whatsoever and is not included in the top 5 leagues in the world, which the Serie A is fourth in my opinion. Getting back to the bracket I have Napoli beating AC Milan which is pretty one-sided with Napoli winning 7 of the 8 games played and winning by 2 or more goals in those 7 games they won.

Now moving on to the most eye-catching side of the bracket which includes 4
teams from 3 of the top 5 leagues in the world, Manchester City and Chelsea from the English Premier League, Bayern Munich from Germany’s Bundesliga, and Real Madrid from Spains La Liga. Now both matchups are going to be close, but of the two I feel that Real Madrid vs Chelsea is just a little less competitive than Manchester City vs Bayern Munich. I say this because Chelsea is very on-and-off, you never know what kind of team you will get while Real Madrid is more consistent. Although Chelsea won 5 of their 8 games losing 2 and tying 1. From January 1st til March 4th, in the 12 games they played, Chelsea won 2 games (Both 1-0), tied 4 games, lost 6 games, scored only 5 goals, and allowed 12 goals. In the same window, Real Madrid played 17 games winning 11 games, losing 4 games, tying 2 games, scoring 34 goals, and only allowing 6 more goals than Chelsea. 4 of those 6 goals came in their last 5 games in the window which included 3 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie, in which they scored 12 goals. So they have been a lot more successful within that frame. Now since March 4th, Chelsea has won 2 of the 3 games they have played scoring 7 goals including a 2-0 win which moved helped move them into the quarterfinals. Real Madrid has gone 2-1-1 losing their most recent game to Barcelona 2-1. With that in mind, I have this being a toss-up with Real Madrid having the better team and Chelsea having the momentum. I still have Real Madrid moving on to play…

Now we get to the Biggest game of the Quarterfinals between German
superpower Bayern Munich and Erling Haalands Manchester City (also my favorite team).

The most anticipated matchup of the Quarterfinals between Bayern and City is
probably the most evenly matched games of the 4 games. Both teams have star power on defense, in the midfield, and at forward. Both teams have gone undefeated in the 8 games each team has played. Bayern has won all 8 games, 7 of the 8 have been won by 2 or more goals. City on the other hand has won 5 games and tied for 3. Each team has a game in which they won by 5 or more (City has 2, Munich has 1). Each team has allowed less than 3 goals so far (City has allowed 3, and Munich has allowed only 2). City has scored 22 goals including a 7-0 win over RB Leipzig in their most recent Champions League game. Bayern has scored 21 goals so far which included a 5-0 win over Plzen during the group stage. Oh, and both are 2nd in their respective leagues. So if that was not enough to show how equal these two teams are I’m not sure what more you need. Now City is coming off a 5-0 victory over Burnley in their FA Cup match, while Bayern is coming off a 2-1 loss to Bayer Leverkusen. Ultimately, I want Manchester City to move on but this is such a close matchup either, or could come out to play Real Madrid in the Semifinals. The first leg of the quarterfinals is on April 11th and 12 with the second leg being a week later on the 18th and 19th. The semifinals are May 9th, 10th, 16th, and 17th with the one-game final being June 10th.

Written by Francisco Recinos


Hello Everyone I am Francisco, Host of the Brand New show on WHCM 88.3, The Big Frank Show. I am a huge sports fan especially motorsports like NASCAR, FORMULA 1, AND MOTOGP. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and hanging out. I plan on transferring to DePaul to become a play-by-play announcer. I hope you have a great day and Listen to The Big Frank Show every Tuesday from 8 to 9 am. 

Taylor Swift Concerts You Can Stream from Home

Taylor Swift performance movies to help ease the sting of the ticket fiasco. Yes, this is exactly
like your mom saying “We have Taylor at home” but in these instances you got to do what you got to

1. Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions
Put on your cardigan and get ready to hear the stories behind the songs of Folklore. Join Taylor Swift,
Jack Antonoff, Aaron Dessner and Bon Iver for an acoustic recording session and conversations about
the meaning and writing processes of each song.
2. Reputation Stadium Tour
If you weren’t able to see this tour live, this is a MUST WATCH. You can find this incredible tour
movie streaming on Netflix. Includes the entire show (sadly this does not include the incredible openers)
and the credits with bloopers from rehearsals.
3. The 1989 World Tour Live
This is a highly star-studded performance and includes behind the scenes clips similar to the Reputation
Stadium Tour movie. The 1989 World Tour movie was released in 2015 and you can stream it on Apple
4. Taylor Swift City of Lover Concert
The City of Lover concert was a one-night, invite only show in Paris. Lucky fans got to hear the album
Lover in an intimate venue. This is important because Loverfest, which was the tour Taylor planned to
embark on summer of 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic. This is streaming on Disney+.

Additionally, it is important to remember she has a documentary called Miss Americana which is
streaming on Disney+. If this isn’t enough for you, go on her YouTube page and rewatch her music
videos, Taylor’s Version of course!

Taylor has also had several acting roles in films and TV shows that are stil on streaming platforms.
– The Lorax – Netflix
– Valentines Day – Roku Channel
– Cats – HBOmax
– Hannah Montana the Movie – Disney+
– All Too Well (Short film) – YouTube
– New Girl (Appears in one episode) – Peacock
– CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Appears in one episode) – Hulu

Written by Nina Stoner


Nina is a massive fangirl! She loves consuming media and immersing herself in a diverse selection of TV shows, movies, and music. She is so thrilled to be back at Harper Radio for more fun! Hear her no filter opinions every Thursday with Chris Smith on Streaming Verse at 7 PM here on WHCM!

Speaking of Taylor Swift

Months of anticipation have come to an end. Taylor Swift fans can finally stop theorizing and looking at hints. Why? The release date for Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) has officially been announced! Swift announced the release date for this re-recorded album at one of her concerts in Nashville, saying “I think rather than me speaking about it, I thought I would just show you, so if you would direct your attention to that big screen…” Swift then turned around and gestured to the screen which read “Speak Now Taylor’s Version Available July 7.” Of course, the announcement was very drawn out because Swift’s fans (Swifties) immediately began cheering when she said “speaking about it,” because they knew that she chose to say “speaking” instead of “talking” for a reason.
This in person album announcement was followed by a post on Swift’s Instagram account that was captioned
“It fills me with such pride and joy to announce that my version of Speak Now will be out just July 7 (just in time for July 9th, iykyk) I first made Speak Now, completely self-written, between the ages of 18 and 20. The songs that came from this time in my life were marked by their brutal honesty, unfiltered diaristic confessions and wild wistfulness. I love this album because it tells a tale of growing up, flailing, flying and crashing…and living to speak about it. With six extra songs I’ve sprung loose from the vault, I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) with you on July 7th.”
July 9th is a date mentioned in the song “Last Kiss” off of the album Speak Now. Songs that “come from the vault” are songs that Swift wrote, but didn’t put on the original album. Now, these songs will be on the re-recorded album. Be sure to tune into Taylor Time hosted by Margaret K on Mondays from 2-3 to hear songs and lyric analysis from the album Speak Now.

Written by Margaret K


Hi! I’m Margaret, and I’m a sophomore here at Harper College. I enjoy reading in my spare time, and I like snowmobiling in the winter. I’m also a huge Taylor Swift fan.


March 13, 2023
Palatine, IL

Harper Radio Named Best Community College Station by
Intercollegiate Broadcasting System

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) has announced the winners for
their 2023 Media Awards.
Harper Radio – WHCM (88.3FM) – received two (2) first place awards. The winners

  • Harper Radio – 88.3FM WHCM — was named the Best Community College
    Radio Station, and
  • Nina Stoner and Chris Smith – hosts of Streaming Verse heard on Harper
    Radio (and seen on YouTube) – won the IBS Award for Best Talk Program
    The awards come on the heels of The Broadcast Education Association (BEA)
    2023 Festival of Media Arts Awards. Harper Radio received two (2) first place
    awards (out of four [4] first place awards in total) in their 2-year College category.
    Harper Radio WHCM 88.3 FM is a student run college radio station at Harper
    College, broadcasting across northern Chicagoland and streaming worldwide at Enjoy commercial free programming including sports,
    talk, news, and a variety of music. Everything you need while listening to college

The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) is an organization with a
membership of over one thousand non-profit, education-affiliated radio stations
and webcasters. Founded in 1940, IBS is headquartered in New Windsor, NY,
with a legal office in Washington, D.C. In addition to providing support for
establishing and operating noncommercial radio and webcast operations, it
frequently represents its members with FCC negotiations, copyright issues, and

Media contact
Erica Berger, Harper Radio General Manager
1200 W. Algonquin Road
Palatine, IL 60067


February 21, 2023

Palatine, IL

Harper College Honored with Two (2) First Place 2023 BEA Festival of Media Arts Awards

The Broadcast Education Association (BEA) has announced winners for their 2023 Festival of Media Arts Awards. Harper College – which is home to WHCM (88.3FM) – received two (2) first place awards (out of four [4] first place awards in total) in the 2-year College category.

The Harper College first place winners are:

  • Student Molly Rosen, Harper Radio show host, for her submission “Vitamin K show promo”, and
  • Student Jamie Niggemann for her video entry “Episode 12B The Larch”.

Jamie’s entry came as the result of a video he created as part of the new Audio/Video Technology Program at Harper College. To learn more about that program please click here or visit;

BEA’s international digital media and broadcast competition for faculty and students from over 300 participating schools and over 1,650 entries from around the world. All finalists will receive Festival Awards, and the winners will receive their awards at the Festival in Las Vegas on Monday, April 17th.

Harper Radio WHCM 88.3 FM is a student run college radio station at Harper College, broadcasting across northern Chicagoland and streaming worldwide at Enjoy commercial free programming including sports, talk, news, and a variety of music. Everything you need while listening to college radio.

TheBroadcast Education Association (BEA) is the premier international academic media organization, driving insights, excellence in media production, and career advancement for educators, students, and professionals. The association’s publications, annual convention, web-based programs, and regional district activities provide opportunities for juried production competition and presentation of current scholarly research related to aspects of the electronic media. These areas include media audiences, economics, law and policy, regulation, news, management, aesthetics, social effects, history, and criticism, among others.

Media contact

Erica Berger, Harper Radio General Manager

1200 W. Algonquin Road

Palatine, IL 60067


WEEKLY ADDS 2/01/23 


There is a lot going on this week at Harper Radio, here’s the latest. But first things first, we’re calling it Weekly Adds. Deal with it. Most importantly, make sure to vote for us in the Chicago Reader’s 2022 Best of Chicago Poll. We’ve made the list for the Top 5 Radio Stations in the city! No small feat for a 100 Watt station. Keep in mind the website may take a moment to load, but just look under the “City Life” category and then then “Best Overall Radio Station”. We thank you for you listening!



This week, The J&J Etc. Show welcomes sport broadcaster, David Caplan from ESPN1000. They will be talking to him about how he got started in radio broadcasting, sports and much more.


Thursday, Febuary 2nd will see Streaming Verse be joined by special guests from the new Youtube Tv show, SPARKY. Join them on Thursday night at 7PM on the air or on Youtube Live.


J&J Etc. Show (Wed@ 7:15 – 9 PM) 

Streaming Verse (Thurs@ 7 – 8 PM)


Free Spring Film Series (Reoccurring)

The Harper College Communication Arts Department is hosting a Free Spring Film Series on Thursdays at 6:30 PM in E107. 

Upcoming films include;

  • “Taking Of Pelham 123” (2000) 2/2/23 [THIS THURSDAY]
  • “Hopscotch” (1980) 2/9/23
  • “Tampopo” (1985) 2/16/23

Be there, or be square.


boygenius – “$20”

From their latest EP “the record”, released January 18th, 2023

Indie supergroup “boygenius” put out their second EP this month. The band consists of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus, who all make an appearance on this track. Truly feeling like an ensemble piece, you can hear a bit of each member’s own skillsets, sound and tastes throughout the EP.

The Arcs – “Eyez”

From the album “Electrophonic Chronic” released January 27th, 2023

Speaking of supergroups, The Arcs released their second album since their debut in 2015. After the passing of bandmember Richard Swift in 2018, it was unknown if the band would continue. Now spearheaded by Black Keys founder, Dan Auerbach, The Arcs came back in a very psychedelic way with the new album “Electrophonic Chronic”.

Spacey Jane feat. BENEE – “Lot’s Of Nothing”

Single released January 10th 2023

Spacey Jane released this track in June of 2022, however they released a version featuring singer “BENEE” best known for “Supalonely” in 2019. Certainly poppy, but also undeniably indie.

Lucero – “Macon If We Make It”

From their latest EP “Macon If We Make It” released January 18th, 2023

Rock out with this one from Lucero. Slightly country, slightly alternative. Lucero definitely has a unique sound. Also, who doesn’t love a good play on words?

HARBOUR – “Bahamas”

Off the EP “I’ve Only Started Running”, released January 27th, 2023

Take a little trip to the Caribbean with HARBOUR off their latest EP “I’ve Only Started Running”. It’s got an upbeat, surf rock, jangle all the way through. Perfect for surfin’ the big waves. (Note: You may need to go somewhere else besides the Midwest to catch said big wave.)

A.R.S – “8:46” 

From his new album “Excel” released March 31st, 2021

Located in Lawrence, Massachusetts, A.R.S creates hip-hop that harkens back to the classic era of the genre. Using distinct beats, a jazzy sample and socially conscious lyrics; it all has the making for memorable track.

Got a new song we should play? Send it to our email at!

Thank you for your continued support of WHCM, Harper Radio!

Written by Matt Byrne

Program Director/ Host

A longtime listener turned member for WHCM from the lands of Rolling Meadows, IL.  Graduate of Columbia College Chicago, with a major in Writing (with a specification in Comedy) and a minor in Voiceover. From his experience in Improv, love of obscured and forgotten tracks, and the overall inability to stop talking, comes a passionate love for radio!


January 30, 2023

Palatine, IL

Harper College Radio Station a Finalist for Chicago’s Overall Best

What does 100-watt 88.3FM Harper Radio have in common with Chicago radio powerhouses like WXRT (93.1FM) and WBEZ (91.5FM)?

Besides being on the lower end of the FM frequency spectrum, the Chicago Reader has named the Harper College Radio Station as a finalist in their “Best of Chicago” online poll. WHCM is one of only five (5) radio stations to make the final cut for entry in the poll. The other stations listed (in addition to ‘XRT & ‘BEZ) are Chirpradio (107.1FM) and Vocalo Radio (91.1FM).

Part of what makes WHCM different is a commitment to playing local music. In addition to The Local Music Show featuring the best bands and artists from around Chicago, Harper Radio is dedicated to featuring music from the community throughout the day.

The Reader poll is open now through noon on Wednesday, February 15th with the winners announced in the April 6th edition of the publication.

Cast your vote! Please go to

Harper Radio WHCM 88.3 FM is a student run college radio station at Harper College, broadcasting across northern Chicagoland and streaming worldwide at Enjoy commercial free programming including sports, talk, news, and a variety of music. Everything you need while listening to college radio.

Media contact

Erica Berger, Harper Radio General Manager

1200 W. Algonquin Road

Palatine, IL 60067


WHCM UPDATE 1/25/23 


Welcome to the first edition of the WHCM Update! The aim of this newsletter is to give you an overview of all that’s happening here at Harper Radio. Whether it’s the latest tracks in rotation, notable or brand new shows, or any station news. This marks our second week in the Spring 2023 semester. Already we have so much planned for both new and existing programming. Stay tuned on 88.3 or the online stream for all the latest from the station.


New Shows

We have two new hosts at WHCM this week! Listen in for “Francisco’s Show” from 8 to 9 AM every Tuesday for sports and other topics.

On the other end we have Kamil with “One Man’s Word”, a talk show on everyday life. Join him live on Thursdays at 3 PM.

Back from round the World

Global Tunes returns to the airwaves! After a hiatus, we welcome back Global Tunes and host Marie Lapidus. Accompanying her will be co-host Erica Berger. Drop in to hear song selections from their country of choice every Monday at 3:30 to 4:30 PM! Previous episodes re-air Sundays from 3 to 4 PM. 


Global Tunes with Marie and Erica (Mon @ 3:30 – 4:30 PM)

Francisco’s Show – Francisco Recinos (Tue @ 8-9 AM)

One Man’s Word – Kamil Podgorski (Thurs @ 3-4 PM) 


Club Expo (1/31)

On January 31st, we will be at Student Engagement’s Club Expo! Located at the Avanté Concourse, we’ll be there from 10 AM to 12 PM to promote the station. Join us to talk about your interest in radio, as well as receive some WHCM merch! Look for our table, or just listen, we’ll be the one playing the music.

Free Spring Film Series (Reoccurring)

The Harper College Communication Arts Department will be hosting a Free Spring Film Series on Thursdays at 6:30 PM in E107. 

Upcoming films in “The Heist” category include;

  • “Le Cercle Rouge” (1970) 1/26/23
  • “Taking Of Pelham 123” (2000) 2/2/23
  • “Hopscotch” (1980) 2/9/23

Be there, or be square.


Andy Shauf – “Wasted On You”

From his new single “Telephone”, released January 18th, 2023

You may know Andy from his 2016 album “The Party” with songs like “The Magician” and “Quite Like You” being a couple of the most popular. His sound can be described as acoustic and reflective, with a hint of indie pop. 

July Talk – “I Am Water”

From their new album “Remember Never Before” released January 20th, 2023

Canadian ensemble July Talk released “I Am Water” last week. With distorted vocals and a steady rock beat, it’ll keep your head nodding. 

Ezra Furman – “Forever in Sunset” 

From her new album “All Of Us Flames” released August 26th, 2022

Ezra Furman rocks. But that’s just an opinion. You may have heard her music on the Netflix show “Sex Education”, which was put out as a soundtrack in 2020. As a bonus, she’s from Chicago!

The Murder Capital – “Return My Head”

From their album “Gigi’s Recovery” released January 20th 2023

From Dublin, “The Murder Capital ” put out their second studio album just last week. Certainly in the sound of post-punk, they also include an aspect of experimental ambiance on other tracks from this album.

Purr – “The Natural”

Off the single of the same name, released January 12th, 2023

Better known for indie rock as found on their debut album “Like New” from 2020, they instead opt for psychedelic folk on their latest release. Steel guitar and all, it’s like taking a melancholy trip out west.

Got a new song we should play? Send it to our email at!

Thanks for staying updated with the station, and thank you for your continued support of Harper Radio. All the best,

Matt Byrne, Program Director

Nothing to See Here, Just the Same Ol Packers-Bears Result

He. Still. Owns you. Not trying to lose points over here or anything, but those were the words from Mr. Allen Lazard as he was walking off Soldier field yesterday as the Packers beat the Bears in the oldest rivalry in the NFL. 28-19 was the final score, and the Bears were actually looking good in the first half. Key word: first half. I was talking to my friend Artur about the loss and he said “As soon as we went up 10-0 in the first, I knew it was too good to be true.” With this win, the Green Bay Packers became the franchise in the NFL with the most wins of all time, as the Bears and Packers were tied right before this week. As much as Aaron Rodgers takes pride in owning the bears, he didn’t have to do much yesterday. He went 18/31 on his throws for 182 passing yards and only a touchdown. “You never know when it’s gonna be the last time I’m gonna be playing over here” said Rodgers with a big grin on his face. “This place is like a second home, these fans are incredible. Gotta love it here.”

With this loss, the Bears are officially eliminated from the playoffs and fall to a record of 3-10. Now things aren’t just as sweet for the Packers either, as this loss only makes them 5-8 now, and they got a long way to go if they even want a shot at making the playoffs this year. Now they are going into the bye, and are focusing on beating the Los Angeles Rams as soon as they get off of the bye. Chances are low regardless for the Packers, as the NFC East is looking strong, and if the season ended today, nearly all the teams in the NFC east would just get in. If the Packers don’t get in the playoffs, all eyes are going to be on Jordan Love and also Aaron Rodgers and seeing who’s gonna be the guy next year, and if there is even gonna be a push to try to win a championship or not. As for the Bears, the future is not looking bad at all. They might have the worst record in the NFC and also just look like a flat out mess right now, but they have over 100 million dollars of cap space to use in this upcoming off-season. Maybe they can get something going with that. But the real question is, is this gonna be a turning point for the Bears, or just another one of those years in the cycle?

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