WHCM 88.3FM is a community college radio station serving the Palatine Illinois area. We have a diverse membership, with students and staff of all backgrounds. It’s a part of what makes us Radio Done Differently!

Brian Shelton

Faculty Advisor, Host

Brian and Leni Shelton are a father and daughter duo who produce Crackling Vinyl from their home since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Crackling Vinyl features music from record store bargain bins, yard sales, libraries and basement finds. The selection is eclectic and rarely in great condition.  Leni Shelton is currently in fourth grade and loves music from all eras and really enjoys popping by the record store to pick out vinyl within her budget.  Brian Shelton is the advisor for WHCM and Assistant Professor of Communication Arts at Harper College. He keeps his record collection small so that it will all fit in his future VanLife home.

Marie Lapidus

Assistant Faculty Advisor, Host

Marie Lapidus started her radio show career by being a guest on one of Brian Shelton’s shows of the past when his real guest did not show up. That spurred the idea for Business as Usual, a show where Marie, assistant professor of Business and Entrepreneurship at Harper, interviews local entrepreneurs, career and technology program faculty and students and covers all the IDEAShop, our Makerspace and Entrepreneurship Center, news and achievements. But that was not enough, so Marie decided to share her love of the world with the Palatine community by bringing music from other countries to the show Global Tunes. Once the pandemic started, and access to the radio station was limited, the collaboration with Jeff Waters of Dexter’s Radio Hour began as Marie needed help, and now Global Tunes with Jeff and Marie adorns the airwaves with lots of travel stories and history of the places we all wish we could escape to.

Chris Smith

Social Media Director

A mix of music, trivia and local guests. If Chris trips across an artist she wants to learn more about it will probably be the subject of the next show.

Erik Bonilla-Sanchez


Erik got his start in radio in January 2017 and has been hooked ever since. He joined WHCM in August of 2017 and has worked his way up to being the program director. Erik is learning the engineering side of broadcasting and hopes to be a fully-fledged broadcast engineer in the coming years. Music is a mainstay of Erik’s interests, and he loves the California vibe from bands such as Wavves and Winnetka Bowling League.

Keith Maurice


Keith Maurice Harris is an award-winning college radio personality. He is the host of The Keith Maurice Show. He plays the best variety of music to get you through your Monday Middays! Keith Maurice is the Midday King! Tune in Saturday 10:00-11:00pm on WHCM 88.3 FM

Jeff Waters


Jeff Waters lives in Des Plaines, Illinois, and works as a Stationary Engineer (Boiler Dude) when he is not hosting Dexter’s Ratio Hour (Monday and Friday at 6:00PM) or co-hosting Global Tunes (with Jeff and Marie) Tuesday’s at 4:00 pm. He enjoys photography, motorcycling (BMW F-800 Adventure), and long walks on the rims of active volcanoes. Oh, and music. Mostly Lithuanian polkas from 1949 to 1957. Every other kind of music is crap.

Jon Decatorsmith


My name is Jon Decatorsmith, and I am a non-student, non-staff DJ at WHCM with a weekly
show (airing every day at 12 am Chicago time) called The Short Man’s Room. I have been doing
weekly installments of the program since 2005, and have been broadcasting from Harper for a
couple of years now. My show is free-form radio, crossing and mixing most all genres, with an
emphasis on improvisational space jams and spooky melancholia. My favorite parts of doing
this are 1) the ability to play anything I want, within FCC rules and regulations; and 2) being a
part of this supportive community.

Hailey Schimpf


Hailey Schimpf is a musical and Disney nerd who somehow managed to convince the radio station into letting her do a show. That show would be Hailey’s Happenings. For the past two years it has showcased songs from musical theater, Disney movies, and more regular music hits from the 80s to today. It’s also a great place to chill out and relax as she talks about whatever’s going on between the music.

Deming Fanslau


My name is Deming Fanslau. My show is called The Tea with D. My show is about sports and my favorite part about doing the show is being able to talk to others and bouncing off other people’s ideas. I’ve had my show for a year now.

Mary Renner


Backwards and Forwards is a show hosted by Mary Renner, palindrome affiliate and fan of the old and new. Inspired by the fateful spelling of her last name, the show each week will explore new happenings and introduce you to something you’ve never heard of while also paying homage to those who laid the groundwork with the classics we all know and love. Every Thursday starting at 10, Backwards and Forwards will be the accompaniment to your morning commute, cup of coffee or rolling out of bed. Any way you take it, there’s a bit of something for everybody to see you through your Thursday morning blues. 

Jake Joyce


Lover of all things bizarre, weird, and avant garde, Jake has been collecting odd recordings from around the world for decades. When not playing music in one of his many bands, he also writes for Pro-Wrestling Illustrated and runs several record labels. Wide World Of Sounds will introduce you to artists you may have never heard, on top of classic acts spanning genres such as punk, hip-hop, emo, metal, and ambient. 

Erik Hanson


Born the seventh son of a seventh son, and raised by the Barclords, Erik was anointed 12th degree “Rock & Roll Specialist” by Nanker Pheldge. Under the guidance of the Barclore, Erik produces The Local Music Show on Harper Radio, featuring the best artists and bands from Chicago and the Northwest Suburbs. Occasionally you can find him deep below Beethoven Strasse combing through the Knackelflerg vaults to bring you Basement Records, the all-vinyl record show on Harper Radio.*

*Composite built of rock & roll lore 1955 – present. If you know the references, you’ll love the shows.

Carsen Star


As a guy born with a face for radio, Carsen is quite possibly older than dirt and has the grey hair and the dusty record collection to prove it. While his musical interests have been influenced by live, in-person performances from artists ranging from Andrea Bocelli to ZZ Ward, he gets his mojo primarily from what was playing on FM radio in the ‘70s and ‘80s. An occasional headbanger, Star may also dip into his collection to share a track or two from his time spent in Alternative radio, Top-40, and Album Oriented Rock.

Joseph Mandarino


Hi my name is Joseph Mandarino and I have been with this program for 2 years now and it is a lot of fun. Some of my interests are watching movies, playing video games, doing these shows, going to the pool and hanging out with friends. My goal with these shows is to make people have a fun time listening to my music and tunes that I choose. I hope that you guys will have fun with my show!

Ashley N

General Manager, Host

Raised by a country music-loving mother and a father who is an alternative rock enthusiast, Ashley’s taste in music cannot be pinned down to a single category. Cross Country is a music show with a little bit of country, but a whole lot of variety. There is no doubt that you will find your favorite music in her show and you can listen to Cross Country every Monday at 11:00 am! Aside from producing her radio show, you can see Ashley dabbling in her favorite hobbies of drawing, sculpting, practicing yoga, and spending time with family and friends.

Brian D.

Program Director, Host

Having lived most of his life in Barrington, Illinois, Brian is an avid watcher and a fan of League esports. Listening to music is one of his favorite ways of relaxing, doing homework, or playing video games. Check out his show The Dive with Brian D., where he plays some of the music he enjoys.

Erica Berger


My name is Erica Berger I am a broadcasting major. I started getting into broadcasting when I was in junior high because we had our own news studio in the media lab so I would go early in the morning everyday to do daily announcements. I love being a broadcaster because I get to share facts and share creative ideas. My future goal is to be a full time broadcaster on TV one day.

Nina Stoner


An avid concertgoer and major fangirl of all things. Nina loves all genres and styles. Music has always played a major role in Nina’s life and she is excited to have this opportunity to share some of her favorites!

Megan Kleve


Megan Kleve is an aspiring sports broadcaster. She is also on the women’s basketball team here at Harper. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends. She also enjoys watching live sports. Her favorite teams are the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Cubs.

Ryan Elenz


Ryan is a student at Harper College and is majoring in Fire Science. He is training and studying to be a firefighter paramedic. He hosts The Rellenz (real-lens), a show about Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness. Discussing the gym, life, eating, music, recovery, mindsets, and interviews. Only the best from the Rellenz!

Ben Williams


Ben Williams is a freshman at Harper, majoring in Paralegal Studies. He signed up to do a show
for WHCM to pursue his passion for mass communication that he’s way too scared to pursue as a career. His music taste ranges from hip-hop to electropop to power metal, but his teenage heart will always love pop-punk above all. For his show, Rock Bottom, he decided to focus on what he knows best: rock, and a very liberal definition of rock at that. Besides music, he also enjoys geeking out over video games, trading card games, and his very handsome dog.

Nicholas Moczalla


Nicholas Moczalla began his radio journey at WSCR 670 the SCORE, WLUP 97.9, WKQX 101.1, and NBCSN Chicago on the production side of the radio and television industry. He now plans to work on the broadcasting side, full time. 

Having been a guest on WNUR’s Funny Tunney Comedy as both a competitor and guest, the comic competed with Daily Show correspondent Jabookie Young White representing DePaul University’s crop of comedy talent. After working at The Second City Chicago and participating in various film festivals, he decided it was time to continue on his broadcasting path. Devoted to blending comedy, pop culture, and current events, he hosts “Moczo’s Corner Store Radio” a program with the spirit of an NYC bodega, where guests drop in and talk about A&E, enjoy some laughs, and listen to a few songs and sound bites.

Petterson Montegrande


My name is Petterson, but people call me Peter. I like going online and browsing a lot on the internet. I play video games, work out, and sing. I’m studying at Harper to go into the journalism field. I am very passionate about making connections and learning more about the people. I am really big on shooters so I usually play them when I have some free time. Did you know I have 11 siblings? Not all blood related of course (step and half siblings).

Henry Horton


Henry Horton is a 19-year-old Sophomore here at Harper College. He has been playing multiple instruments from the age of 5. After playing in a few bands for a few years he decided to go solo with his music career as “Chef Henry” which you can listen to his music on all platforms.

Nathan Rosca


Hello! My name is Nathan Rosca and let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 18 years old and this is my first year at Harper. I ran track and also played football in high school and plan on running track here at Harper. I love listening to sports shows myself, some of my favorites include- The Herd with Colin Cowherd and basically any Barstool Podcast that you can think of. In my free time, I love to go skiing, get some boba, hang out with friends while playing basketball, or just stay home and watch anything Marvel Studios-related in my basement.

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