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Located in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Harper Radio WHCM 88.3FM is the choice for popular music and stories that everyone can enjoy.

We offer a variety of free-form genres played by the students of Harper College as well as shows featuring music, sports, news, talk, public affairs –  and fun!

We are always looking for talented people who want to learn and produce great radio, on the air and behind the scenes.

Please contact us directly or on our social media with suggestions, questions or comments. If you would like to join our production or management teams, please let us know a little about you and what you have in mind.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HarperRadioFM/      

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HarperRadio

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/harperradiofm

YouTube: Harper Radio


On Air

  • Maggie Quesse
    • Host of “Mags Q’s Oddball Hour
  • Isabelle Markworth, Trish Miller
    • Co-hosts of “Loose Minds
  • Jonathan Messina
    • Host of “The Buffet
  • Jon O’Malley
    • Host of “Jagged Music
  • Scott McCoppin
    • Host of “No Offense
  • Dilip Rao
    • Host of “The Double Dipp Show
  • Marina Cuellar
    • Host of “Alt Season
  • Trevor Balcer
    • Host of “Three Point Hour
  • Eliza VanDerHayden
    • Host of “First Takes
  • Michael Luszczak
    • Host of “Have a Nice Decade!
  • Phillip Thomas
    • Host of “PhilT Cast
  • Keith Maurice
    • Host of “The Keith Maurice Show“, “Sunday Night Slowjams
  • James Jefferson
    • Co-host, “Beyond the Game
  • Chris Smith
    • Host of “Alternative Mix with Chris,”
  • Erik Bonilla
    • Host of Rad-io
  • Zachary Salerno and Johnny Gonzalez
    • Co-hosts of “Air-Unlimited”
  • James Nazarowski and Finn Warren
    • Co-hosts “The Grizzly Den”
  • Alex Valladares and Lydia Schiller
    • Co-hosts of “Advocate Hour


  • Brian Shelton
    • Faculty Advisor
  • James Nazarowski
    • General Manager
  • Erik Bonilla-Sanchez
    • Assistant Manager
  • Chris Smith
    • Social Media Director
  • Cesar Sanchez
    • Sports Director

Station Operation, Programming and Production

Harper Radio broadcasts and streams original, live and pre-recorded in-house and syndicated programming in a free-form  format.

Harper Radio produces multimedia content for broadcast and web distribution through studio facilities at Harper college, ccommunity-based field production and occasional collaborations.

To join Harper radio as a producer, staffer, DJ or to work on our outreach and social media teams please fill out our application. Applications can be filled out at the WHCM office in room A339 of Student Activities Building A,  at Harper College, or apply online and let us know a little about you and what you have in mind.

To become a producer with Harper Radio, applicants must be Harper students and enrolled in MCM 180, Radio Practicum. Members will recieve training in studio production, no prior experience is needed. Once trained, producers can host shows as DJ’s, collaborate on production teams and undertake studio and field production using Harper studios and equipment.

The Harper Radio Station Handbook gives an overview of the station’s history, structure and general rules. Take a look! All staff and members are expected to read and sign off on the handbook.

To check out equipment, browse  the WHCM equipment lending library  and reserve the items you want to check out.  WHCM managers will approve reservations and check out equipment to borrowers at the WHCM office.

To set up your Equipment Library account as a Borrower, go to Create Your Account. Once you are a registered as a borrower, you can reserve items for check out.

Public File: WHCM 88.3 FM, Harper College Radio FCC Public Inspection File


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