“The Dawn”

From his previous album “After Hours”, The Weeknd returns with an album titled, “The Dawn” expected to be released in 2022. With mentions of a track list being leaked, he has already debuted his single “Take my Breath” under the disco dance-pop music genre, “Moth to a Flame” with Swedish House Mafia, and “One Right Now” duetting with one of my favorite artists, Post Malone. 

After reviewing and listening closely to the ballads and instruments of these songs, my wild guess is that The Weeknd will be leaning towards R&B, dance electronic-pop music, and hints of disco throughout the album. Under his last album, he showcased a lot of R&B with soul to translate the theme of “loneliness, escapism, and regret” when it came to previous relationships.

Fast forward to now, he has teased fans on Instagram by erasing all pictures from After Hours and presenting everyone with The Dawn spoilers and music video trailers. He has repeatedly posted pictures featuring morning rays of light from a sunrise; and by this, he foreshadows that the sun has set with After Hours and a new era is awakening in the morning light with The Dawn. 

With all this being said, The Weeknd has confirmed to Billboard magazine that this fifth studio album “is complete.” They are still in the process of finding the narrative and presenting the theme of it all; side-noting that one of his inspirations for this album is Britney Spears from her hit songs “Everytime”, my personal favorite of hers, and “Toxic”. 

The Weeknd, also known as Abel Tesfaye, will continue to bring forth number one hits like “Blinding Lights” and masterpieces of music. I am beyond excited to hear how this album unfolds and I am certain that many will enjoy it.

Written by Cari

Undoubtedly a lover of all things celebrities, music, aesthetics and fashion, Cari airs a variety of modern music on her A Pop of Facts and Chats show, every Wednesday at 2pm, highlighting fun facts and chats of the songs and their singers between the music. She’s a big fan of Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Ariana Grande, and The Weeknd…so be prepared to hear lots of them!

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