5 Shows that Have Christmas Episodes to Stream this Holiday Season

What better way to get into the holiday season than cuddling up and watching your goto show with a Christmas flare? I have put together a list of shows and their correspondingChristmas episodes to help you stop scrolling and find exactly what you need!

Five Completed TV Series You Have To Watch

Hi there! I am Nina Stoner, one of the co-hosts of the talk show Streaming Verse. When I was brainstorming blog post ideas, I was struggling a bit. I fangirl over so many things it’s hard to narrow it down. After going back and forth on ideas, I choose to share a list of myContinue reading “Five Completed TV Series You Have To Watch”

Nina Stoner: 2022 Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Awards Finalist

Nina Stoner joined WHCM in 2021 and cohosts the incredible show, Streaming Verse, every Thursday at 7pm with Chris Smith. You can find her on the WHCM 88.3FM airways, streaming through our online platform, and live-streaming on our YouTube channel, Harper Radio. As the cohost of WHCM’s first show to be officially live-streamed on YouTube,Continue reading “Nina Stoner: 2022 Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Awards Finalist”