Nothing to See Here, Just the Same Ol Packers-Bears Result

He. Still. Owns you. Not trying to lose points over here or anything, but those were the words from Mr. Allen Lazard as he was walking off Soldier field yesterday as the Packers beat the Bears in the oldest rivalry in the NFL. 28-19 was the final score, and the Bears were actually looking good in the first half. Key word: first half. I was talking to my friend Artur about the loss and he said “As soon as we went up 10-0 in the first, I knew it was too good to be true.” With this win, the Green Bay Packers became the franchise in the NFL with the most wins of all time, as the Bears and Packers were tied right before this week. As much as Aaron Rodgers takes pride in owning the bears, he didn’t have to do much yesterday. He went 18/31 on his throws for 182 passing yards and only a touchdown. “You never know when it’s gonna be the last time I’m gonna be playing over here” said Rodgers with a big grin on his face. “This place is like a second home, these fans are incredible. Gotta love it here.”

With this loss, the Bears are officially eliminated from the playoffs and fall to a record of 3-10. Now things aren’t just as sweet for the Packers either, as this loss only makes them 5-8 now, and they got a long way to go if they even want a shot at making the playoffs this year. Now they are going into the bye, and are focusing on beating the Los Angeles Rams as soon as they get off of the bye. Chances are low regardless for the Packers, as the NFC East is looking strong, and if the season ended today, nearly all the teams in the NFC east would just get in. If the Packers don’t get in the playoffs, all eyes are going to be on Jordan Love and also Aaron Rodgers and seeing who’s gonna be the guy next year, and if there is even gonna be a push to try to win a championship or not. As for the Bears, the future is not looking bad at all. They might have the worst record in the NFC and also just look like a flat out mess right now, but they have over 100 million dollars of cap space to use in this upcoming off-season. Maybe they can get something going with that. But the real question is, is this gonna be a turning point for the Bears, or just another one of those years in the cycle?

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