In Remembrance of Dexter

Last week the station was informed that longtime member of WHCM, Jeff Waters, had passed away. 

Jeff hosted “Dexter’s Radio Hour” and co-hosted “Global Tunes (with Jeff and Marie)”. He was known for his eccentric taste in music, his outgoing and friendly nature, and unique wit. 

To celebrate his life and the music he shared with all of us, we are dedicating our 2022 “College Radio Day” broadcast in his memory. Throughout the day, we will have various DJs play the oddest tracks they can find (in the style of Dexter’s Radio Hour) in honor of his long time presence and support for the medium which he loved, College Radio. 

College Radio Day 2022 will take place on October 7th, 2022, our broadcast will be from 8AM to 7PM. For more information on College Radio Day 2022, visit

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