World Sound

Have you ever asked yourself how many Music genres are there around the world? Since my show is about “World Sounds” I believe that we need to know how many? To my surprise, they are more than 1,300 genres in the world. Some of the peculiar ones include alternative, blues, classical, country, French pop, and many others

If you would like to hear all these genres, you can go to “Every Noise at Once” they have created a map for these genres. I am leaving the website below so if you are curious like me just copy and paste it – They have organized according to similarities of genres that’s awesome! For the next blog, we are going to ask you which genres are your favorites.


Hola! my name is Ernesto R. Pacheco. I came from Mexico City 30 years ago. I have lived in the Northwest area since then.  It has been a wonderful journey with challenges and blessings all the time. This is my first year at Harper College. My major is in Elementary Education. I am taking this broadcasting class because I want to be able to share music, ideas, and help people with our stories. In my spare time I enjoy listening to audiobooks, watching movies, biographies, and documentaries. I also enjoy going to concerts. The show is going to be about music from around the world.

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