Jessica Jones is Underrated and Relatable

If you know anything about me, you likely know that I could ramble on about Marvel for
pretty much any amount of time. Or, if you have listened to Streaming Verse, you might have
caught it first hand. I have several characters I love with my whole heart and can find myself
relating to some of them in certain aspects. But there is a character in the Marvel universe who
just doesn’t get enough love. Jessica Jones.
So I don’t write a novel, I will limit myself to listing a few reasons why Jessica Jones is
one of the most underrated characters and possibly the most relatable. Also, I will be sticking
with the Netflix original show titled Jessica Jones, as the comics are a whole other beast that I
will not be conquering on today’s blog.
Jessica Jones is a complete mess, and she really doesn’t try to change that. Her
apartment where she also runs her private investigating business is usually in a state of utter
disaster and complete chaos. The door is broken, and holes are scattered in the walls. Not to
mention all of the clothing items discarded all over the floor. Although my door may not be
broken because I shoved someone through it like Jessica Jones, my room is definitely not of
those you normally see on TV.
In a lot of media, we perceive superheroes who identify as women as polished. Whether
it’s a coherent thought or not, I can’t ever recall seeing Supergirl’s apartment in such disarray.
Jessica Jones is constantly speaking her truth, even if it’s not “polite”. She isn’t afraid to tell
someone off. Sure, she has her super strength to depend on if something goes wrong, but
watching a woman stand up for herself always makes me proud to be a girl. Not only this, but
Jones wears pretty much the same outfit every day, whether she’s fighting crime or not. A basic
pair of jeans, boots, a plain shirt, a gray scarf, and a jacket. She has no sparkly or tight-fitting
superhero garments and to many like me, I find that empowering.
The writers of this show weren’t afraid to break through the glass and tell difficult stories.
By doing so, they empowered so many. Jessica Jones is not your average superhero, but she’s
the one most of us deserve. This hilarious, thought-provoking, and emotional show is streaming
on Disney+. I highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already! It is also a completed show,
so you can binge-watch it all when you finish reading this!
If you want to hear me ramble about Jessica Jones and more TV shows and movies I
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A major fangirl and avid concert-goer. Nina loves consuming media and immersing herself in
a diverse selection of TV shows, movies, and music. She is so thrilled to be back at Harper Radio for
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