Ghost Army

Summer is always a time when Hollywood releases its biggest blockbuster movies.  The premise of these blockbuster movies always seems to be similar, where a hero has to face a challenge with seemingly insurmountable odds. 

This is definitely the case of this summer’s biggest blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick.  The movie does a great job putting the hero against seemingly insurmountable odds and is probably one reason it has gotten such great reviews from audiences and critics.

As much as fictional stories from Hollywood can be entertaining real-life stories of heroes facing extremely challenging situations can be even more entertaining.

One of these stories, which I shared on a prior show, is the story of the Ghost of Ukraine, which like Top Gun: Maverick, is the story of a pilot who had an almost unimaginable challenge.

The Ghost of Ukraine was a real Ukranian pilot that battled and downed several technologically superior Russian war planes.

Well on the next In the News Now show I will go over another real life against the odds story.  This time the story will have a local connection, a connection to Harper.

The local story was featured on Harper’s home page several months ago.  It’s a story of a special World War II unit referred to as the “Ghost Army” and one of its soldiers is a long time Harper Student. 

The story is so amazing that a documentary was made of it and recently congressional gold medals were granted to members of the “Ghost Army” by a recent bill passed by congress and signed by the president.    

Written by Tavo Pace


Hello I am Tavo , a longtime harper student who just recently graduated with accounting certificates, but who continues taking courses at harper for fun. I am an animal lover, a bit of a news junkie, I love to travel and learn about cultures, I love going to sporting events, and working out. As a news junkie I always plan on sharing the most interesting stories I come across on my show In the News Now.   The show that covers the interesting stories of the day, stories that may be overlooked, or stories I feel are just very interesting from a historical or cultural perspective

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