Internship at Disney

Hello everybody, and welcome to yet another instalment of “Hailey has to write a blog post for the radio website”.  I wasn’t entirely sure what to write about this time.  I’m not overly depressed like a year ago, and I did a hopeful look back last time I did this.  The next logical step would be to talk about my program, and how I’m doing 1000 miles away from home.  The problem is that I’m only a couple months in, I’m not sure it’s enough to talk about.  Still, it’s either try or ramble about nothing so We’re going to try.

I’ve found out I got super lucky with my roommates.  All the girls in my apartment are so sweet.  They don’t leave messes, they’re not loud. We all joke around and like each other.  Honestly, I feel kinda guilty sometimes.  Apparently having great roommates is not the norm down here.  We all have the day off tomorrow so we’re going to Hollywood Studios to celebrate getting our program extensions.  I feel like I’ve made some great friends, and I really hope they stay in touch once the program’s over.

I’ve also been pretty lucky with my assignment.  Sure, customer service is annoying sometimes, but quick service is pretty fun.  I love when I’m put in the position of getting orders together, or making espresso coffees in the morning, or greeting guests as they come in.  It’s fast and I get to talk to people.  And being at the Grand has its own perks.  I get to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks every night, and the resort is gorgeous.  They’re getting ready to build the huge gingerbread house for the lobby, and by huge, I mean “you can walk inside it’s as big a house” huge.  It smells amazing in the bakery, and I can’t wait to watch it come together.

All in all, I’d say I’m doing pretty well down here.  If nothing else, it gives me something to talk about every week.  The only thing I need now is some more time to sleep.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to go take a nap now.  Hope you enjoyed the read, have a great night!

Written by Hailey Schimpf

Hailey Schimpf is a musical and Disney nerd who somehow managed to convince the radio station into letting her do a show. That show would be Hailey’s Happenings. For the past two years it has showcased songs from musical theater, Disney movies, and more regular music hits from the 80s to today. It’s also a great place to chill out and relax as she talks about whatever’s going on between the music.

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