CMA Awards – An Event of the Past

I remember excitedly jumping onto the couch next to my family as a child, waiting for the Country Music Association Awards (CMA Awards) to begin. It was a tradition in our house: singing along to our favorite music while we ate ice cream and waited anxiously to see who was going to win the next award. As I grew older, however, this tradition slowly began drifting away. Soon the awards were being recorded on our DVR and not too long after they were just…forgotten. This can of course be at least partly explained by our increasingly busy schedules, but we all agreed that the CMA Awards just simply became boring. We lost interest, and the majority of my friends and family also feel the exact same way.

            I was forced to wonder what happened to these days from my childhood after I saw a post about the CMA Awards on my Instagram feed. The CMA Awards are being held on November 10th this year, and I can say with certainty that I will yet again not be tuning in for the live show. Of course, every individual who is invited, nominated, or wins an award should feel beyond proud and their accomplishments should be recognized, but their musical talent cannot hide how the viewing for these shows is continuously decreasing. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, it is going to become even more difficult to produce the same energy that large crowds created when the virus did not ravage the world. The cheers and emotions of fans and audience members have often been replaced in live performances throughout the past year by prerecorded audio sounds as a necessary precaution. The ability to host large crowds has drifted away, and so has my interest in award shows. Even though my love for country music will stay strong, my lack of participation in viewing the CMA awards will continue this year on November 10th.

Written by Ashley N

Raised by a country music-loving mother and a father who is an alternative rock enthusiast, Ashley’s taste in music cannot be pinned down to a single category. Cross-country is a music show with a little bit of country, but a whole lot of variety. There is no doubt that you will find your favorite music in her show and you can listen to Cross Country every Monday at 11:00 am! Aside from producing her radio show, you can see Ashley dabbling in her favorite hobbies of drawing, sculpting, practicing yoga, and spending time with family and friends.

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