WHCM Training Contract

WHCM 88.3 FM Harper College Radio


Mission: WHCM is committed to providing experiential learning opportunities to students and operating as a public service to the greater college community.


  1. Provide experiential learning opportunities in all areas of radio and related multi-media operation.
  2. Operate in the best interest of the college by providing coverage of college events, and incorporating the college community into our programming.
  3. Provide a service to the community with quality on air programming that is locally focused and connects the community to the world.



WHCM started as a cable radio station available on campus.  The station was played over speakers in the cafeteria and other areas on campus.  When the station was granted a broadcast license it was a timeshare with WCLR. This timeshare limited the station to 4 days per week and only operating during the weeks of the fall and spring semesters.  In July of 2017 WHCM became a full time radio station.


License: We are licensed by the Federal Communication Commission to operate at an Effective Radiated Power of 100 Watts. The Board of Trustees is the license holder.


Faculty Advisor (FA): is responsible for the overall budget and operation of the radio station ensuring that the station is operating according to its mission.


Designated Chief Operator (DCO): The DCO is responsible for all aspects of the station operation including license updates, the public file, Emergency Alert System and transmission compliance. The faculty advisor is the DCO.


General Manager (GM): The GM is responsible for the daily operations of the station including, recruiting, training, programming, air checks, and supervision of staff.


Assistant Manager (AM): Assist the GM and is responsible for other duties as assigned.


Program Director (PD): Is responsible for doing air-checks on shows as assigned, bringing in new music, and scheduling programming with the AM.


Public Service Director (PSD): is responsible for keeping the in station public service book up to date, reviewing and scheduling recorded PSA’s and documenting our public service activities.


Social Media Manager (SMM): is responsible for managing our various social media platforms and  training staff to use social media effectively.


Sports Director (SD): Responsible for managing the sports content of the station. Whether that is through intra-college sports, local, or worldwide sporting events. Sports coverage is of a big market in radio, it is important to keep this content intact.


On Air Talent: is responsible for quality on air programming. All on air staff must agree to the following:


  1. Download the communication app Slack on to your phone and join the WHCM workgroup. Activate notifications in order to be notified of announcements. Random checks will be performed to see if you are actively using Slack. Not using Slack will result in a write up.
  2. All on air personalities are required to use social media. The minimum requirements are:

15 minutes before your time slot create a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post about    

            your show and tag the station and include www.harperradio.com in the message.  Our

research shows that posts with photos perform the best. During your program, create a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post that promotes the next on air show. Tag the station in your posts. More than one week without social media posts will result in a write up.

  1. Coordinate with the Social Media Manager to have your photo taken for the web page.  

This photo will also be used in social media posts.

  1. You must submit one show at midterm for air check review. Record your show and

send it to the General Manager.

  1. You must work with the program director to create a recorded promo for your show after the second week.
  2. You must attend all scheduled air shifts, if you must miss a shift you are required to

 notify the GM. If you miss more than three shifts your time slot may be forfeited.

  1. You must fill out the transmitter log at each shift.
  2. You must clear out any PSA’s, promos and legal ID’s that have built up during your   

            show and then return the automation system to auto mode.

  1. You are responsible for equipment used.
  2. I understand that after 2 writeups my time slot may be forfeited.


My initials indicate that I have read and understand the information listed above_______

Initial here



General Station Rules


WHCM-FM is an over the air broadcast radio station licensed to the Harper College Board of Trustees by the Federal Communications Commission. As an over the air station we must abide by a litany of rules that include but are not limited to:

1.No profanity between the hours of 6:00 AM and 11:59 PM.

        To eliminate confusion, you may not use the words; bitch, fuck, shit, ass,    

          cocksucker, pussy, cunt, or any variation of those words.

While language choices are dictated by the FCC, as a station that operates in the interest of the public good and as part of an institution of higher education; music, commentary and programming that are blatantly misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, or seeks to defame or deride religious choices and political backgrounds will not be tolerated.

2.Broadcast Emergency Alert System Alerts and Tests

3.Be on the air broadcasting a usable signal during our licensed hours

        If you leave the station without putting the system in auto mode, we will be in       

         violation of this standard

4.Operate for the public good

5.Outside of the law, for safety reasons the door must be locked and only station staff are allowed in the facility.

  1. All staff are required to watch the training video and pass the multiple choice exam.
  2. All staff are required to shadow a DJ for one shift.
  3. All on air staff must mention WHCM when they go on the air.
  4. Syndicated or non WHCM originated programming must be approved by a simple majority vote of the management team.


Steps to being On Air Talent


  1. You must pass a quiz on the WHCM Handbook _____________________

        Staff Signature


  1. Observe a 1 hour on air shift.________________

     Staff Signature


  1. Operate the board for 30 minutes of an on air shift._______________

     Staff Signature


  1. Complete a one hour on air shift following the standard programming clock,       

         Reading stop sets from the PSA book and using music that is in the automation    


  1. Assure a social media presence, on all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)


  Staff Signature.__________________


By signing, I also agree to the following licenses:

  1. Any content or recording I make at/for Harper Radio gives Harper Radio the rights to use that content indefinitely in any way we see fit. This includes but is not limited to: being broadcasted over Harper Radio’s 88.3FM signal, uploaded to the official Harper Radio YouTube channel, or used on Harper Radio’s social media.______

Initial here

  1. I also retain the rights to use any content or recording I have produced at Harper Radio in any personal or professional/commercial purposes, for an indefinite amount of time.


             Initial here


Print Name:_____________________________________________

Phone Number:__________________________________________


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